Access and Use of Facility Agreement


Subject:  Access and Use of Facility


Lessor Nick Donnangelo, dba Shiloh Farm at 14781 Berlin Turnpike, Purcellville, VA 20132 agrees to lease the Shiloh Memories party barn to     of   located at  on from   for the purpose of


Payment shall consist of $ payable to David Kamminga.


Use of digital copies of all photographs taken at the Shiloh Manor venue with a perpetual license is granted to N. Donnangelo AND Shiloh Memories LLC with rights to use and publish photographs with attribution to Lessee.  Photos should be delivered in electronic format within 30 days of the event date.   


Lessee understands and agrees as follows:

  • The event venue is strictly nonsmoking. 
  • Unless lessee has and provides a license to distribute alcohol, it’s use on the facility is not permitted.
  • Lessee will return the facility in the same condition it was received.  All trash and other debris will be removed by Lessee.  Lessee is responsible for any damage to facility.
  • Anything hung on the walls is to be attached with removable tape only and removed by Lessee at the conclusion of the photo shoot.
  • Lessee parks and uses the Shiloh facility at their own risk and indemnifies Nick Donnangelo and Shiloh Memories LLC  for any injury or loss.
  • Lessee is permitted access to the interior facility, vineyard and gazebo.   Lessee may not enter fields with animals nor feed animals. 


Lessee is fully aware of the risks and hazards connected with visiting and possibly handling and interacting with different animals. Lessee voluntarily assume full responsibility for risks taken when visiting this property. Lessee voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk of property damage, personal injury, including death that may be sustained, or to any loss or damage to any property owned by Shiloh Manor, as a result of visiting this property.



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