Wedding Venue Rental Contract

Wedding Venue Rental Contract

Shiloh Farm Manor

Group Name:   

  • Wedding day:
  • Estimated Number of Guests:  
    • Note: maximum number of guests is 100

Contact information:

  • Bride Name:
  • Bride Address:  
  • Bride Phone Number:  
  • Bride Email:  
  • Groom Name:  
  • Groom Address:
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  • Name of Official Point of Contact:  
    • Note: can be the bride, groom, relative, event planner, etc.
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Venue Selection:

We  select for our wedding site, we select for our reception.  The venue/s described above has been reserved for you for the date and time stipulated. Please note that the hours assigned to your event include all set-up and all clean-up, including the set-up and clean-up of all subcontractors that you may utilize. We will adhere to and follow the terms of this Agreement, and will be responsible for any damage to the premises and site, including the behavior of your guests, invitees, agents or sub-contractors resulting from your use of venue/s.


What Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories include:

  • Basic venue
  • An 8 foot long x 30” stainless steel serving or prep table
  • A 6 foot long x 30” stainless steel serving or prep table
  • A commercial warming oven
  • Commercial sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Large flat screen television for slide shows
  • Bridal Suite complete with dressing tables and mirrors and private bathroom
  • Groom’s Quarters, 200 year old renovated spring house, HVAC and bathroom
  • Heat and air conditioning for year-round comfort
  • Two restrooms, handicap accessible
  • Close parking and with handicap accessible parking close to building
  • One-hour walk through prior to event
  • Outdoor game area
  • Patio area with bistro lights 
  • Facility access for rehearsals. The date and time is to be coordinated with and approved by Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC.   The facility is also available for rehearsal dinners for an addition charge.


As a service to our guests, Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC has the following on site and available for rent:

18 72-inch diameter round tables,  @ 10/each

150 white folding chairs, @1.50/each

18 white table linens, @ 15.00/each

100 white napkins,  @1.00/each

100 place settings, @ 3.00/ each

100 sets of dishes (entre, salad, dessert) @ 4.00/each

100 sets wine and water glasses.  @1.50/each

Please speak to us for details.

Cancellation Policy:

If Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC is unable to fulfill this obligation for any reason under this contract, the entire deposit will be refunded. In the event of cancellation by the couple, one-half of the deposit will be refunded if Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC is able to rebook another wedding on that date.

Final Payment and Damage Deposit:

Final payment in full will be due one (30) days prior to the Wedding Day. At that time, a refundable damage deposit of $1,000 will also be due, as well as proof of wedding liability insurance. The damage deposit will be returned to the couple within two (2) weeks of the event once the property has been inspected for any potential damage during the event. If excessive cleaning is required a percentage of the damage deposit may be returned.



Due to the proximity of Shiloh Manor Farm to the local neighborhood, sound considerations are a concern. Although music (both live and recorded) is permitted, the music must be contained at an acceptable sound level so as not to disturb the local surrounding area.  Any complaints from neighbors or other parties may require sound levels to be reduced.  The facility closes at 11:00 pm and all music must cease at that time.  As a last resort, Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC also reserves the right to require Customers to lower the sound level or cease playing music, in its sole discretion.  We will work with you to make your event a success, but please help use respect the peace and privacy of our neighbors.



The many settings around Shiloh Manor Farm were maintained and developed for the enjoyment of all events. We also reserve the right to use any photographs or other media reproductions of an event in our publicity and advertising materials.



You may post your group’s sign or hang balloons at the front entrance on Berlin Turnpike, but please do NOT attach anything to or cover up our entrance sign, or nail or screw anything to the trees.



The speed limit on the Shiloh Manor Farm complex is 5 mph and is strictly enforced for the safety of your guests.



We agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth or Virginia. The Parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of and venue in Loudoun County court and expressly consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in said Court.  We agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC associated with any breach of this Agreement.



Please check to verify your agreement to the following terms:

We understand that we are responsible for the actions of ourselves and our guests while attending our event at Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC 


We will obtain wedding liability insurance and provide proof of that insurance no later than four weeks prior to the Wedding Day.


We are responsible for scheduling a caterer or providing our own food service and will return the venue to the condition in which it was found. If not left clean and in the condition it was found prior to the event, we understand we will be charged an additional cleaning fee of $350.


We understand that Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC is a smoke-free and marijuana-free property and does not permit smoking of any kind inside or outside the building. If there is evidence of any smoking inside the building, there will be a $700 cleaning fee charged.


We understand we may only use painters tape or non-damaging hooks such as Command Hooks to suspend décor. No tacks, nails or screws are permitted on walls or columns.


We understand the use of candles is allowed, but they must be contained in glass holders with the flame staying below the top of the glass.


We understand that farm animals have highly specific diets and neither us nor our guests will feed them anything.  If guests would like to feed the animals Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC will supply species appropriate food.  We agree that neither us nor our guests will attempt to enter fields with animals or open any gates.


We understand that we must choose a biodegradable, natural product such as flowers or bird seed for the flower girl and the newlyweds farewell.  Rice is not permitted.


We understand that any damages to the property and/or equipment will result in an additional charge which will be deducted from the damage deposit and/or added to the final bill.


 Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC does not provide or sell alcohol. We may bring our own wine, beer, cocktails, and signature drinks to serve at our event. We understand that alcohol must be served by a licensed caterer with current liquor liability insurance, a copy of which must be supplied to us two weeks prior to the event. Wedding guests are not permitted to bring in or consume their own alcohol. No minors under the age of 21 may be served any alcohol. Alcohol service cannot exceed four hours. A soft closing must be conducted 30 minutes prior to the closing of the event. By serving alcohol at our event, we assume responsibility for any damages, injury, etc. due to consumption.


We understand that we are responsible to ensure the venue is left in the same condition in which it was found. All decorations and props will be removed at the end of our booking period.  All trash will need to be bagged in the trash bags provided and placed in the designated location. Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC will provide cleaning of the venue after the event.  Any excessive cleaning required will result in an additional cleaning fee.


We understand that we will meet with the owners, as well as provide a designated representative for a pre-wedding walk-through and a post-wedding walk-through with the owners of the property to discuss any questions which might arise before, during, or after the event. Time and date for these walk-throughs will be set no later than two weeks prior to the Wedding Day. All property belonging to us, our invitees, guests, agents and sub-contractors, and all equipment shall be delivered, set-up and removed on the day of the event.  If we need earlier access for set-up purposes, we understand this may incur an additional fee.


We understand that our personal dogs are allowed at the venue for our wedding day, as long as they are leashed and under the control of a responsible adult at all times. We understand that no guests are allowed to bring their pets.


We understand we are responsible for children and minors attending our wedding. We will provide a babysitter or other adult to be with children at all times, especially outdoors for their safety. Children have access to the patio and grass outdoor area. We are responsible for any damage caused by unattended children.  We understand Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC does not accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of any articles or property left at Shiloh Manor Farm prior to, during or after the event.  We agree to be responsible for any damage done to Shiloh Manor Farm by our guests, invitees, and those we may employ or other agents under our control. Further, Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind or character to any person or property caused by or arising from any act or omission by us or our guests or those we may employ.   We, as a material part of the consideration of this agreement, waive all claims and demands against Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC for any such loss, damage, or injury or any and all claims and demands for loss, damage, or injury of us or our invitees, guests and those we may employ, and hereby agree to indemnify and hold Shiloh Manor Farm/Shiloh Memories, LLC free and harmless from all liability of any such loss, damage or injury to any persons related to our event, and from all costs and expenses arising there from, including but not limited to attorney fees.




By signing below, we confirm our desire to rent the venue at Shiloh Manor Farm on our Wedding Day and agree to the terms and agreements as set forth above. We agree that the basic fee required to rent this venue is $7,500. To secure our date, we understand that a deposit of $3,250 is due upon booking along with the return of this signed contract.

A copy of this completed contract will be sent to the bride's email address. Please print the signed contract and mail it along with your deposit to:

Shiloh Manor Farm
14781 Berlin Turnpike
Purcellville, VA 20132

Upon receipt of your deposit and signed contract, Proprietor Nick Donnangelo will also sign the contract and will return a copy to you - and your wedding date will be secured! 


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