Corporate Meetings

Offsite Business Meetings

Offsite meetings are a great opportunity for teams to come together and collectively solve a larger problem or plan out a period of work. The benefits of having an offsite meeting include:

  • The change in venue gets teams in a different frame of mind.
  • Pulling teams away from their desks/workspaces removes the threat of interruptions or distractions.
  • Teams that do not often work together have the opportunity to collaborate.
  • You can condense a slew of meetings into one large chunk of time.

The meeting environment is critical for a successful offsite meeting.  Space functionality and aesthetics are important variables. 

At Shiloh Farm we provide a readily accessible location in the peaceful tranquility of a historic Quaker farm.  The three-foot-thick stone walls and hand hewed beams speak of determination, creativity, and persistence that epitomized problem solving and hard work!  We can support meetings up to 75 people.   Our venue is fully climate controlled, offering high ceilings, three rest rooms, a second floor loft, natural lighting and prime outdoor space with free ranging peacocks, peacefully grazing sheep and goats and a vineyard creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity and teamwork.  We have an equipped catering kitchen and a relationship with The Polished Foxx who will work with you to accommodate your catering goals and budget.  We also have a 72-inch large screen TV to meet your AV needs.  Call us for an appointment to review our facility and discuss how Shiloh Farm can become a partner in your success!

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