Springtime in Provence

Shiloh Manor Farm & The Polished Foxx presents Springtime in Provence. A celebration of the cuisine and wines of South of France. Live French Bistro music!

13 April 2024, 6 :00 pm

$150 per person

The arrival of Spring—or printemps in French—is a time to embrace lengthening days, warm breezes, and blooming flowers… After the cold, dark days of winter, we are again treated to the renewal of the cycle of life!

It is my favorite time of year, and my experience of it in Provence created some of the most lasting and vivid memories…  The soft pastel colors of ancient limestone villages contrasting with the deep blue sky and sparkling Mediterranean, creamy drifts of almond and cherry blossoms dotting the hills, the heavy fragrance of rosemary, wild thyme and wisteria combined with the briny scent of the ocean …  It is an unforgettable symphony that is uniquely Provence!

And that magical symphony is also found in the diversity of Provençal cuisine.  In Spring early vegetables such as asparagus, new potatoes and peas reappear and village fish markets – spotty in the winter months – are once again full of the mornings catch.  The grapevines, cultivated in Provence since the 4th century BC, are once again pushing new growth that promises wines perfectly paired with the essentials of Provençal cuisine: olives and olive oil, garlic, wild herbs, peppers and saffron.  

Living in the shadow of DC its sometimes easy to what life is really all about… fine food, wine, music, and company to enjoy it with.   Shiloh is partnering with Chef Erik Foxx Nettnin, The Polished Foxx, to bring an authentic Spring Provençal dinner, complete with paired imported wines, that uniquely capture the tastes and smells of the south of France.  Live French bistro music provided! 

Our four-course menu starts with your selection of Les Asperges aux Sauce Gribiche – fresh asparagus lightly steamed and smothered in a delicious Dijon – wild herb sauce, served with Beignets de fleur de la courgette, lightly dusted zucchini flowers deep fried until sweet and crispy, served with an authentic garlic aïoli.   L‘Asperge and les Beignets are paired with a Provencal white wine from Domain Figuerie from Côte de Provence.

Our main course consists of your choice of the Provençal classic Bouillabaisse – lobster, shrimp, scallops, and mussels served in a fumet of sea bass, rockfish and black cod, with a side of rouille, a spicy mayonnaise made with garlic, saffron and a touch of cayenne pepper paired with a Provençal rosé.  Alternatively, we are offering Magret de Carnard à la Sauce Figue, roast duck breast served with a delicious sauce made from caramelized fresh figs, paired with a fine Bordeaux. 


Our third course is an Assiette de Fromage, featuring a selection of imported Provençal cow, sheep and goat cheeses paired with an imported sparkling wine also from Domaine Figuerie.


And for dessert, we are offering a delicious grand Charlotte cake with fresh raspberries served a la Crème Glacée au Miel et aux Pistache, with homemade lavender honey ice cream and pistachio brittle.  


Chef Erik and I hope you can join us for our celebration of Springtime in Provence on April 13th!


Nick Donnangelo

Springtime in Provence at Shiloh Manor Farm

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